Classic forms of teaching of microscope morphology have reached their limits. Further development is possible by using of e-learning. To improve teaching of morphology in hematology of students at Palacky University we decided to use the technology of virtual microscopy.  Our project was supported by ESF and state budget of Czech Republic through the Operating program Education for Competitiveness provided by the Czech Ministry of Education Youth and Sports. The main aim of the project is to improve efficacy of microscope morphology in hematology education using digital virtual technology and improve the knowledge of hematologic morphology in target groups and to verify this improvement. Electronic manual containing instructions how to use the microscopy optimally and how to use the e-learning tools will be provided at special internet site. Issuing of a special textbook on elementary diagnostics containing descriptions of individual diseases with typical results of blood counts and morphology will be prepared. After login student will pass an entry test in order to evaluate the knowledge before e-learning. After that education sets of typical morphology findings will be available at web site. The knowledge achieved by e-learning will be assessed by check out test. The level of the e-learning course will be adapted to the actual study course.  The participants will be able to improve their knowledge not only in hematology but also in modern education methods. A new modern digital database of hematologic morphology and a special web site both in Czech and English will be prepared. All materials will be validated by the panel of Czech and foreign experts. The database and technologies will serve for further educational needs. Electronic and printed textbook and manual book will be the additional results of the project. This project has been registered under number CZ.1.07/2.2.00/07.0294.